Quinoa and Butternut Squash

quinoa and butternut squash

I'm a great believer in simple meals.  At the moment squash are plentiful and butternut squash is particularly reliable.  It roasts well and tastes fabulous, therefore it's cropping up in a great deal of my mid week meals. I often serve butternut squash on a bed of lentils and rocket, but to ring the changes, last night I used mixed quinoa.  My More

Simplehuman Bin from Lakeland

Kitchen Equipment Simple Human Bin from Lakeland

I firmly believe that anyone attempting to produce good meals needs decent equipment. Can you imagine cooking without saucepans, washing up materials, and great ingredients? A good kitchen also needs great organisation, and I really appreciate sturdy, reliable equipment right down to the kitchen bin I use. I was therefore happy to be asked by More

Goat Cheese With Figs, Walnuts & Honey

Goat cheese and figs with walnuts and honey

I love to note the arrival of figs at the market in France, and I'm even more delighted when I return to Richmond to find the shops bursting with gorgeous figs from Turkey.  They're such a good deal at present, fresh, tasty and remarkably inexpensive. Of course one can cook with figs, a thick, gloopy fig jam is a joy and they are ideal in a More

Jam Making

Jam Making - Blackberry and Apple Jam

I always spend a few days in Brittany making Jam, and this summer was no exception. When I arrived in mid July, the shops had boxes of 'Abricot de Confiture' ready for jam makers.  I always buy a 5KG box, and make jars and jars of golden apricot jam, some with fair-trade vanilla (you can find the recipe in my archive). As the days pass, we find More

Summer Fruit Cocktail

summer fruit cocktail with Pimms and Orangina

I'm really pleased with this Summer Fruit Cocktail.  I have had a problem naming it though, I thought of Entente Cordiale, but when I searched the name, I found there is already a cocktail, so I've settled for Summer Fruit, as that is simply what it is, a stunning combination of summer flavours.    I have also searched and searched and can't find More